Celebration Singers Shows

Christmas Highlights from 20 Years

Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Celebration Singers with some of our greatest hits!

Friday, December 1, 2017
Paramount Theatre, Downtown Abilene


And if you really don't want to miss anything, our next show dates will be May 4, 2018 & December 7, 2018!

Our Shows

Spring 2017
"Spring Highlights from
20 Years"

Fall 2016
"Christmas Through
the Ages"

Spring 2016
"All About Feelings"

Fall 2015
"It's All About Christmas"

Spring 2015
"Music in America"

Fall 2014
"Christmas Time is Here!"

Spring 2014
"The Magic of Movie Music"

Fall 2013
"In God We Still Trust"

Spring 2013
"50 Years of Hits"

Fall 2012
"Sing of Christmas"

Spring 2012
"All Kindsa Country"

Fall 2011
"Thank You!"

Spring 2011
"From Broadway to Hollywood"

Fall 2010
"Christmas is Love"

Spring 2010 - "From Pop to Rock"